With the fifth European Ranger Congress, Europe’s rangers were guests in Albania. The aim of the congress in Tirana was also to get to know the work of the local rangers and the still young Albanian ranger association.

Thus, the approximately 100 rangers from all over Europe who participated in the congress were also on the road in two protected areas: the Divjake-Karavasta National Park with its extensive marshland and mountainous Shebenik-Jablanica, at the same time home to the World Natural Heritage Rrajca beech forest with its primeval forest character.

We spoke with two local rangers who guided us through the area: Xhek Nezha, Monitoring Chief of the Regional Protected Area Administration, and Fatmir Brazhda, Director of the Elbasan Protected Area Region, where the Shebenik National Park is located. In the video, they talk about the history, special features and species of the protected area, the challenges of their work and relations with the local population.

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Karavaste National Park: lagoon, pine forests and important refuge for rare water birds

The congress participants on excursion to the Karavaste National Park returned with impressions of a protected area that covers 222.302 square kilometres of the Karavasta Lagoon and the surrounding pine forests. It is an important refuge for some rare water birds and especially a wintering area for migratory birds. These pictures give a small impression.

Documentary on Albania’s protected areas shows full richness of diversity

To have an insight into the diversity of protected areas throughout Albania, journalist, filmmaker and director Artan Rama takes us on a tour by offering his film “In the Garden of Eden”. So sit back and be inspired by our host country and its rangers, from whom we can still learn so much and whom we as the European Ranger Community should support to the best of our ability at the same time.

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