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Who we are

Formed in 2017, the European Ranger Federation (ERF) is a European networking organisation for professional rangers and others involved in the day-to-day management of protected areas; the conservation of wildlife and habitats; visitor safety; education and interpretation; law enforcement and anti-poaching activities.

The ERF was formally constituted as a not-for-profit NGO (under German law) and operates under the umbrella of the International Ranger Federation

Goals of the European Ranger Federation

  • Promoting nature conservation at a national and European level
  • Promoting environmental consciousness, training and the enhancement of knowledge and capacities for the care of nature by rangers in Europe
  • Developing the professional standard of rangers in Europe
  • Promoting the understanding and goodwill of the general public; governmental and non-governmental institutions for the high quality care by rangers of European nature conservation, natural and cultural heritage
  • Promoting the goals of the IUCN World-Conservation-Strategy
  • Teaching and transmitting professional expertise and resources
  • Providing networking opportunities between European ranger organizations
  • Promoting and sharing professional knowledge and best-practice
  • Arranging regular international events on a pan European level
  • Cooperating with European institutions, national governments, international and national non-governmental organizations and institutions.
  • Maintain the link between IRF and the European Ranger Associations.

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Executive Committee of the European Ranger Federation