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ERF Membership

The ERF is a European networking organisation for professional rangers and others involved in the day-to-day management of protected areas; the conservation of wildlife and habitats; visitor safety; education and interpretation; law enforcement and anti-poaching activities.

By joining the ERF, you become part of the world family of Rangers; a worldwide network of front-line conservation staff for sharing knowledge, ideas, experiences and resources, for providing mutual support and for representing the voice of the Ranger in the conservation debate.

At present there are no membership fees.

Member Categories

  • Regular membership
    Open to governmental and non-governmental ranger associations. Regular members have voting rights and can propose individual members as candidates for positions within the Federation.
  • Provisional membership
    Provisional membership of the ERF is open to individual rangers or ranger groups from places without a formally registered ranger association.
    Provisional members have no voting rights.
  • Associate membership
    Associate membership is open to groups:

    • organisations or individuals who support rangers and further the cause of conservation;
    • parks or protected areas.

Associate members have no voting rights.

  • Sponsoring membership
    Groups and individuals supporting the aims of the ERF, parks or nature reserve can become sponsoring members.
    Sponsoring members have no voting rights.
  • Honorary membership
    Individuals and groups who made an important contribution to the ERF, a member association or to conservation can be appointed as honorary members.
    Honorary members have no voting rights.

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For further information please contact ERF Secretary Emmanuel: