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Executive Committee

The ERF is managed by an elected (volunteer) Executive Committee comprising:

President: Urs Wegmann
Originally he worked as a forester, but then became a journalist on his second education. In 2007 he participated in the first Ranger course in Switzerland. He was co-founder of the Swiss Rangers Association and its president for several years.
He has worked as Chief Ranger in the Zurich region of Switzerland for over ten years, where he and his team look after several protected areas. He is also a specialist for beavers and responsible for their management in the Canton of Zurich. He is the European Representative of the International Ranger Federation.


Treasurer: Frank Grütz
Frank (Germany) works as Chief Ranger in the southwestern part of Germany. In addition to law enforcement and environmental education he works on the management of wolf and lynx in his area. He was the chairman of German Ranger Association for 9 years.

Vice-President: Roger Cole
Roger (England) is now retired and was previously the Park Operations Manager for the Lee Valley Regional Park (UK) responsible for the ranger team and the conservation and habitat management work in the park. He has held various posts over a period of 25 years in the Countryside Management Association (the ranger association for England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and is currently its Vice-President.

Secretary / Communication: Emmanuel Icardo
Emmanuel (France) joined the Mercantour National Park (France) as a ranger in 2000 and then chief ranger in 2006. For the past 3 years he has been in charge of natural heritage monitoring in the Ecrins National Park. He helped found the French Ranger Association “Gardes Nature de France” in 2010, and was its president for 6 years.

Training Officer: Hrafnhildur Ævarsdóttir
Hrafnhildur is known to most as Habba (Iceland). She first worked amongst the wilderness; glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland’s Skaftafell Vatnajökull National Park as a seasonal park ranger. Then in 2016 she became its full-time chief ranger. She is one of Iceland´s very few goat specialists!

Project Officer: Niklas Göth
Niki (Switzerland) has worked in many European countries and for the past six years as a ranger in two protected areas near Zürich. He works both in law enforcement as well as environmental conservation and developed the Junior Ranger Program in Switzerland together with fellow members of the Swiss Rangers Association where he has been a board member for several years.

Fundraising/ sponsoring specialist: Michael Großmann
Michael (Germany) has been holding various positions in the Bavarian Forest National Park since 1990; he has been head of the ranger team for 6 years now. For him, two major tasks are the preparation of „complex topics“ of nature and species conservation for the best possible information work of rangers, as well as the further development of the Junior Ranger programme. Michael is an active member of the working group „Parkranger Management” of Europarc Germany.