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Currently there are 38 ranger associations in the European Ranger Federation
(representing over 5,000 professional rangers) plus some supporting organisations.


Logo Country Association Website Facebook Member status
Albania Albania National Parks Association N/A Facebook 1 - Full
Croatia Croation Association of Supervisors and Guardians of Nature N/A Facebook 1 - Full
Czech Republic Asociace Strazcu Prirody CR N/A 1 - Full
Denmark Danish Nature Interpretation Association Facebook 1 - Full
England/Wales/ Northern Ireland Countryside Management Association (CMA) Facebook 1 - Full
Finland Suomen Rangerit N/A Facebook 1 - Full
ProRepovesi Finland ProRepovesi N/A 1 - Full
France Gardes Nature de France Facebook 1 - Full
Georgia Georgian Ranger Association N/A Facebook 1 - Full
Germany Bundesverband Naturwacht e.V. Facebook 1 - Full
Iceland Landvarðafélag Íslands Facebook 1 - Full
Israel The Hai Bar, Israel Nature and Heritage Association Facebook 1 - Full
Logo guardiaparco Italy Associazione Italiana Guardie dei Parchi e delle Aree Protette (AIGAP) Facebook 1 - Full
Northern/Southern Ireland Ranger Association of Ireland N/A N/A 1 - Full
Poland Polskie Towarzystwo Służb Ochrony Przyrody (PTSOP) N/A 1 - Full
Portugal Associação Portuguesa de Guardas e Vigilantes da Natureza (APGVN) Facebook 1 - Full
Romania Romanian Ranger Association Facebook 1 - Full
Russia Rangers Association of Russia N/A N/A 1 - Full
Scotland Scottish Countryside Rangers Association Facebook 1 - Full
Slovakia Slovak Rangers Association N/A 1 - Full
Spain Asociacion Espanola de Agentes Forestales y Medioambientales (AEAFMA) Facebook 1 - Full
Sweden Svenska Ranger- och Naturvårdsföreningen Facebook 1 - Full
Switzerland Swiss Rangers Facebook 1 - Full
Malta Malta Ranger Unit N/A Facebook 2 - Prov
Wappen Serbia Serbia Ranger Association of Vojvodina N/A N/A 2 - Prov
Austria Austrian Ranger Association N/A N/A 2- Prov
Austria European Wilderness Society Facebook 3 - Ass
Bulgaria National Protected Areas Control Agency Facebook 3 - Ass
Cambridge, United Kingdom Fauna and Flora International Facebook 3 - Ass
Czech Republic Spolek Prales dětem (Forest for Children) Facebook 3 - Ass
England (Europe) Force for Nature Facebook 3 - Ass
Hungary Hungarian Ranger Association N/A N/A 3 - Ass
Italy Volontari d'Europa - Onlus Facebook 3 - Ass
London Zoological Society of London Facebook 3 - Ass
Luxembourg Öewersauer Nature Park Facebook 3 - Ass
Netherlands Ranger Campus Foundation Facebook 3 - Ass
Shalford, London The SockStar Project N/A 3 - Ass
Sweden Anti-Poaching Unit Foundation Sweden (APUF) Facebook 3 - Ass