Online courses on social safeguards, conflict and fund management

Working in conservation also means contributing to the well-being of people. But conservation projects can have a direct social impact on the local population, be it good or bad. How to assess social risks and ensure fair and effective conservation… Read More

ERF President at Iceland’s meeting: rangers have to act more than ever as all-in-one-device

Although our President Urs Reif could not travel personally to the annual meeting of the rangers of Landvarðafélag Íslands, he was virtually present. With a presentation on Europe’s rangers he gave an overview of their diversity, their roles and their… Read More

ERF welcomes new members committed to Europe’s rangers

No less than three new members have joined the European Ranger Federation in the course of the past year: Join us in welcoming the rangers from Bulgaria, Malta and Luxembourg to our network. A strong signal for the common goal… Read More

Global Ranger Congress is not related to World Ranger Congress

Today we take up the clarification of the International Ranger Federation that the “Global Ranger Congress” on the Azores announced for later this year is not an official International Ranger Federation World Ranger Congress. Our President Urs Reif writes to… Read More

Heroes of diversity: “Rangers are nature’s first line of defence”

The Earth is facing the sixth mass extinction in history: this is what science journalist Philip Bethge writes in the German news magazine “Der Spiegel”. He accompanied rangers for a series in the run-up to the COP15 biodiversity conference to… Read More

“Bulgarians love their nature, but need education on its conservation” 

The National Protected Areas Control Agency (NPACA) started  as an NGO in Bulgaria three years ago to establish not only the ranger profession, but also a specific ranger framework for the country’s more than 600 protected areas. It is truly… Read More