How volunteers in Moldova shape the ranger profession for lack of state priority

Where there are officially no rangers, their services are all the more needed. Whether combating environmental crime, cooperating with locals in protected areas or providing information to visitors: The small number of state environmental inspectors in Moldova is not able… Read More

“We can’t shout loud enough”: How rangers connect to protect Montenegro’s natural treasures

The still young Republic of Montenegro is famous for its natural treasures, attracting more and more tourists: According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism sector was accounting for 25 percent of economic output in 2021. Reconciling this… Read More

Iceland’s rangers are key to protecting its fragile biodiversity

Seasonal contracts, limited opportunities for job development, too few colleagues: Iceland’s rangers continue to lose a lot of ranger knowledge as colleagues turn their backs on these circumstances. Nína Aradóttir, former head of Iceland’s Ranger Association Landvarðafélag Íslands, tells us… Read More

Croatian rangers: environmental education is crucial to encounter mass tourism

Croatia is booming as a tourist destination, its extremely diverse nature with numerous waters, islands, beaches, cliffs and mountains groaning under masses of tourists. For the nature reserves and their rangers, the growing tourism infrastructure brings ever-increasing tasks outshining many… Read More