“We need to get back into international exchange on pressing issues”

🇬🇧​🇩🇪 The issues for rangers in Europe are pressing, while exchange and learning from each other has been difficult recently due to the pandemic. This is where the European Ranger Federation comes in with its international train-the-trainer camp “Biodiversity on… Read More

8 tips for conflict management

🇬🇧​🇩🇪​ In many European countries, more and more people are crowding into nature, recently pushed by the pandemic. This increases conflicts with nature conservation represented by rangers; in addition to the rarer physical injuries, there are increasingly mental injuries due… Read More

“The increase in visitors is as challenging as vital for conservation”

🇬🇧​ 🇩🇪 We continue our series on national ranger associations with the UK Countryside Management Association (CMA). Chloe Bradbrooke works for National Trust as a senior ranger in West Sussex and, as international coordinator for the CMA, reports on the… Read More