Actually, the changes after the board elections at the European Ranger Congress boil down to an “l” in the first name: After three years as Vice-President, Ian Brooker is replaced by Ilan Yeger, while Urs Reif, who had been acting as Interim President until then, was officially confirmed as President of the European Ranger Federation.

After we presented Urs’ wishes and goals for the ERF here a few days ago, we show how Ian looks back on his time as Vice-President and with what plans and hopes his successor Ilan would like to expand the ERF’s course for increased knowledge exchange in the European Ranger Family.

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The remaining board members also continue in their posts: Treasurer João Correia, Secretary Artenisa Peçulaj, Training Officer Michael Großmann and Project Officer Maia Tsignadze.

From left: Urs Reif, Artenisa Peçulaj, Michael Großmann, Maia Tsignadze, João Correia and Ilan Yeger.

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