Message from Louise Reynolds, Executive Officer of the International Ranger Federation

World Ranger Day 2018 was a HUGE success in so many ways. We saw many more events across the globe than we expected. Each event celebrated the work of Rangers and helped remember those Rangers who are no longer with us. The enormous scope of the events in different countries and continents is a credit to all of you amazing people.
There were events attended by government officials, public events in wild places, events which honoured the sacrifices of Rangers in the line of duty, and many events which gave opportunities for Rangers to celebrate their achievements with their colleagues.
Thanks to all of you who helped plan, organise, host, fundraise, communicate, and commemorate this year’s World Ranger Day.
A special shout out goes to the South Australian Ranger Association and Tony Sandeman who collectively raised USD 7,000 for the IRF’s charity arm, The Thin Green Line Foundation.
In so many ways, World Ranger Day was an inspiring day to the global community of Rangers. Thank you and congratulations on everything you did to make it such a huge success!

World Ranger Day
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