Originally created for the World of Hunting and Nature Exposition 2021 in Budapest, the Hungarian rangers produced a documentary with Filmdzsungel Stúdió. It spans the work of rangers worldwide, their first representative, asks if the goals are the same today as they were when it all started and then follows Hungarian rangers out in the field.

Sándor Rózsa, Chief Ranger of Aggtelek National Park in Hungary, sums up the common ground of the worldwide ranger family as follows: “Each ranger is in the frontline of protecting natural or cultural heritage” – be it in America, where the profession started, or in Malawi, where, according to Rózsa, the job is more like that of a soldier.

But see for yourself how the film shows the hard work of rangers worldwide to preserve biodiversity and puts a special focus on the work of Hungarian colleagues and their commitment to this country’s unique habitat diversity.