Balancing the needs of people and nature. What is certainly one of the most important tasks of rangering is also the theme of the rangers of the Greifensee Foundation in Switzerland. Here they introduce themselves to the international ranger community with their profile.

An excellent starting point for further networking and exchange on topics that we think rangers all over the world have in common with these Swiss rangers! Get to know them better in the following lines.

Dear Ranger Colleagues,

We would like to provide you with an insight into our work at Lake Greifensee, where we, as part of the Ranger Team of the Greifensee Foundation, are committed to protecting and preserving this unique natural gem. Our priority is to harmoniously balance the needs of both humans and nature.

Our daily work involves a variety of tasks and activities aimed at protecting and maintaining the natural habitats around Lake Greifensee. We patrol the shoreline to inform visitors, monitor compliance with conservation regulations, and identify potential environmental issues. We utilize bicycles, canoes, or go on foot to explore and monitor every corner of this beautiful lake.

The rangers at Lake Greifensee also use canoes to monitor their area.

Environmental education: important focus of Greifensee Rangers

An important focus of our work is environmental education and raising awareness about the importance of conservation. We conduct nature excursions and guided tours, allowing visitors to experience the flora and fauna of Lake Greifensee up close. We also actively engage in the Junior Ranger Program, providing children with the opportunity to experience and discover nature using all their senses.

In addition, we ensure that fishing activities at Lake Greifensee comply with applicable laws and are conducted in a manner that is respectful to wildlife and minimizes unnecessary harm to fish.

Nusch rescued a Eurasian buzzard that was sick. He called in experts to help it get fit again.

Furthermore, the lake’s protected zones play a crucial role in its conservation. These areas, which are closed to the public year-round, provide refuge for migratory and water birds to rest during their journeys. They also serve as undisturbed habitats and breeding grounds for the wildlife that inhabits them.

International partnerships and collaboration on global conservation issues

Our commitment extends beyond local activities. We foster international partnerships and collaborate with rangers and conservation organizations worldwide. Through such partnerships, we share knowledge and experiences and work together on global conservation issues.

The daily work of the rangers aims to create a sustainable future for the lake and its inhabitants.

As the Ranger Team of the Greifensee Foundation, we take pride in contributing to the protection of Lake Greifensee and its unique surroundings. Our work underscores the importance of everyone playing their part in preserving and protecting nature. Together, we can create a sustainable future for Lake Greifensee and its inhabitants.

With nature-inspired regards,

The Ranger Team of the Greifensee Foundation

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