Today we take up the clarification of the International Ranger Federation that the “Global Ranger Congress” on the Azores announced for later this year is not an official International Ranger Federation World Ranger Congress.

Our President Urs Reif writes to the members of the ERF about this:

“Dear ERF-members,

please see the note from IRF-president Chris Galliers concerning the now announced “Global Ranger Congress” on the Azores Island.

The ERF also is aware that the Global Ranger Congress is not an official international ranger congress of the worldwide ranger network conducted by the IRF. This congress is a Portuguese Ranger congress aiming on international participation but done and organised without reference to the umbrella organisation IRF.

In my point of view this is not the way to strengthen our worldwide network. In working apart from each other we will not be able to build up a coherent, strong and supporting international ranger network. Because this current situation is undermining all efforts done in the past years to speak with one global voice via the IRF and its regional representatives, the ERF is not supporting European Rangers to be involved in this congress.

As all of you are free minds for yourself, you can of course decide for yourself wether to take part or not. But as the congress on the Azores takes place in Europe, the ERF feels the necessity to clarify the official ERF position. Therefore we are spreading this additional information to you.

Please stay healthy and positive and please, in spite of all confused communication, trust that the ERF will at all times try to work for and on a strong, supporting and caressing connection for the European and international Ranger community!!

Best wishes

Urs Reif, President of the ERF”