Our German Ranger colleague Mario Marschler after the last ERC in Litomerice started saving money to fund a Ranger to attend the World Ranger Congress in Nepal. See here the result and the report from Mario:

 After attending a European Ranger Congress (2017 in Litomerice-Cze)for the first time, following the speech by the IRF president Sean Wilmore about our worldwide ranger family, I had the spontaneous idea to support one ranger from somewhere in the world to visit the WRC in Nepal.

With the help from Niki Göth and Michael Grossmann to make contact with overseas Rangers, I was able to get my plan started. This eventually resulted in me raising enough funds for one ranger from Botswana – but there were two applicants and I had to decide between either Grace or Okwa. This proved impossible, so I decided to raise more funds by organising a Fundraising party inviting a lot of my friends and other people who I know in order to support both of them getting to Nepal. These invited colleagues and guests were fantastic and I collected enough funds to achieve the objective. For me was a great and very emotional feeling meeting both of them from far-off Africa at the WRC in Chitwan NP Nepal. Unfortunately we had only 4 days to talk, to discuss and to know each other personally but I hope I will meet them again, maybe next time in Botswana.

This is a message to you from Mario:

Maybe this is a good example for other Rangers to raise funds for a colleague who is not able to visit the next European Ranger congress in 2020. Why not get together a group of people and try to collect some money for  travel costs or more? Mario Maschler will again start raising funds for the next congress. Please contact Niki projects@europeanrangers.org

If you need more informations or if you are starting your own project to raise funds.