At the forthcoming European Ranger Congress (11th – 16th May 2020, Bavarian Forest National Park), we will be holding elections for the new Executive Committee of the ERF.
The ERF President Urs Wegmann has already been confirmed in post.
At the bottom of this page you can upload a NOMINATION FORM for the other 5 officers of the ERF Executive Committee, namely-

  •     Vice President
  •     Secretary
  •     Treasurer
  •     Training Officer
  •     Project Officer

If you are a member of an ERF member association, please consider applying for one of these posts.
Job Descriptions for each post are available on request to the secretary.
Nominations require a proposing ranger association and a seconding ranger association.

Nomination forms must be sent by e-mail to the ERF Secretary. The closing date for nominations is 13th March 2020.
Elections will be held on 14th May 2020 at the conclusion of the General Meeting.
Once elected, the new committee will serve for 3 years until 2023.