Ranger Stanserhorn

The ERF is interested in the important work of the volunteer rangers. (Picture: Ranger Stanserhorn, Switzerland)

The ERF is investigating how our different member organisations work with, support and value the volunteers and volunteer groups that they work with. The aim of the questionnaire was to identify existing volunteer activities associated with Ranger Associations that are members of the ERF. This process will enable ERF to set up a database of volunteer groups and activities. The database will be used as a tool to support a knowledge exchange forum for those already engaging with volunteers, and provide a point of contact for others to gain insight and advice for setting up new volunteering activities. ERF hopes to eventually establish a Forum to discuss the volunteer activities in more detail and to enable a dialogue to be started.
The survey was live to all members from 15th March until 16th April 2021 and was completed by 34. The survey was free of charge but by using Survey Monkey it limited the number of questions asked; the number or respondents (which was not reached) and we only received a basic analysis of the results.
The good thing, however, is that 8 members have shown an interest in joining a Forum to discuss issues relating to the use of volunteers and the first meeting of this group is being planned for later this year. Please feel free to contact either of the organisers if you wish to join this Forum even if you did not respond to the original questionnaire.