This year’s World Ranger Day (WRD) is dedicated to 148 rangers who died in the line of duty last year and all rangers who shared that fate up to date. Moreover, the International Ranger Federation is also focusing on the central role that rangers play in achieving the global conservation goal of 30 by 30. Learn about the backgrounds and how you can help raise awareness for the important and often dangerous work of rangers.

Next Monday, rangers and friends around the world will remember colleagues who have died in the line of duty. 148 of their colleagues from 39 countries have died between June 2022 and May 2023, most of them by homicide, according to the International Ranger Federation (IRF) – not to mention the many unreported cases. Every single life lost while protecting our natural treasures and cultural sites is one too many and must give us every reason to equip rangers so that they do not risk their lives by going to work.

Please take the time, wherever you are, to pause for a two minutes silence at 12 noon to remember our fallen fellow rangers and their families in their immeasurable loss.

Another number plays a special role in this year’s WRD: IRF and the TGLF have set it under the motto “30 by 30.” This is the goal of COP15 to effectively protect 30 percent of our planet by 2030. Without rangers, this will be impossible to implement, and there is still much work to be done to staff and equip them so that rangers in the front line of conservation can fulfill their Central Role for this global goal.

Join us to raise awareness of the crucial and often dangerous work of rangers!

Do you want to raise awareness of the work of rangers around the world and show how much they need more support? Here you will find material from IRF and TGLF to raise awareness of World Ranger Day and the work of rangers on your media channels and on site and some inspirations for ways to use it.