Rangers, conservationists and dog experts from all over the world joined us for our online training on Dogs for Conservation with Wesley Visscher, owner of Scent Imprint Conservation Dogs. Our huge thanks goes to Wesley for an exciting, insightful and engaging talk, leaving room for many questions and enlightening answers from Wesley.

If you missed the training or would like to see it again, we can only encourage you to watch it again here.

In this presentation and discussion, Wesley has already answered countless questions about dogs in the field of conservation. However, with 17 years of experience with scent imprint training, tracking and detection, he could have provided much more insight for hours.

So if you have any questions, you can reach him at wesleyconservation@gmail.com or via his website.


Wesley has enriched our knowledge with his talk for free. However, if like us, you feel you have gained valuable knowledge from it, feel free to donate as much as the training is worth to you to

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Or to the account of the European Ranger Federation:
Name: Urs Reif
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Your donations will be used to support rangers in need.
Thank you very much!

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