Women in the ranger profession: For the vast majority of female rangers in the world, this still means working in a male-dominated profession. What is it like for the women, what challenges do they face, where do they experience advantages? And what is it like for the men who work as rangers with their female colleagues? A survey by Swiss female Rangers asks exactly that. Take your time to answer seven questions each for female and male rangers and help to raise awareness!

Dear male and female rangers,

As part of the World Ranger Congress, we would like to organise both a workshop and a plenary session on the topic of women in the ranger profession. The aim is to show what it is like for women to work as rangers. What challenges do they face, what are their fears and advantages? How can a female ranger positively influence the profession and where are her limits?

We are interested in the experiences and thoughts of both female rangers and their male ranger colleagues. We have therefore created a survey with 7 questions, which should not take too much time to complete (click respective button above). We will present the results at the WRC and would therefore be very pleased to receive as much feedback as possible.

We would be grateful to have data that is diverse and representative of the global Ranger family.
You can complete the survey in your native language.

Thank you for your support

Silva Lanfranchi (Ranger from Switzerland)

Murièle Jonglez (President of the Swiss Rangers Association)