Women in the ranger profession are still rare. This makes the question of how they, as well as their male colleagues, are actually doing with this topic all the more exciting. A Swiss female ranger wants to find out and has created a survey on the subject, which she will present at the World Ranger Congress together with the Swiss Ranger Association. We hope that all of you rangers take part so that it is as informative as possible for rangers worldwide!

The two female rangers behind the survey report in advance on how they are doing as women in this male-dominated profession. Also: why the inclusion of local people in the ranger team is so important for the success of nature conservation projects such as bison rewilding in the Romanian Tarcu Mountains. And how the conclusions of the Forests & Community Initiative from its first conference underline precisely this: Indigenous peoples and local communities are the key to the realisation of conservation goals on the ground. This and more in the May newsletter!

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