You work in a challenging protected area that is heavily frequented by visitors due to transit roads, but with seasonal differences? Then this search request from the USA for a European twinning partner could be just right for your team.

We have received a twinning request from the protected area of The Colorado National Monument Protected Area in the USA to partner with a similar protected area in Europe.

The Park Superintendent Nathan Souder is particularly looking for a potential twinning Protected Area in Europe with the following issues an characteristics:

a) A high-level park with access roads into or through the park
b) Seasonal visitation e. g. high/low peaks summer/winter outreach program

Nathan has prepared a briefing for the twinning opportunity with his park. Find out how you can work together here:

Are you interested in becoming a Twinning partner? Please write to us at with the subject “Twinning Colorado National Monument” and we will forward your contact.