Twinning partnerships between rangers from different regions and countries: This exchange of knowledge, experience and skills of rangers at eye level is a priority for us as the European Ranger Federation and also for the International Ranger Federation. But what does twinning look like in practice? Here we present profiles of twinning partnerships that provide insights and suggestions for existing twinnings, as well as encouragement for new partnerships.

Under the auspices of us, IRF and ERF, as umbrella organizations, they are organized and implemented by the ranger associations at national level. Learn more about criteria and advise for Twinnings:

Twinning partnerships can be lived in very different ways, depending on how the two ranger organizations organize themselves and what opportunities they have. In our Twinning Profiles we present the ways of twinning that already exist.

Your twinning is not included? Write us at We’d love to see as many examples as possible, and we’ll add them here as we go. But for now, be inspired by our first examples!

For general questions about twinning partnerships for rangers please contact our Project Officer at

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