At the lagoon of Divjakë-Karavasta NP there is running a JR-program established by Ervin Allushi in cooperation with the Albanian Ranger Association and the Twinning program with Swiss Rangers and ERF. Here is his report.

Junior Ranger helps rangers care about the natural resources of parks and all natural environments by engaging in cleaning campaigns, forestry campaigns and monitoring activities.

Junior Ranger conveys the message of nature conservation to everyone (starting with parents and friends) bringing examples of what they learn from their park visits and lived experience with Rangers through engaging in awareness campaigns and participating in activities and initiatives performed by Parks.

The Junior Ranger should be an example of altruism and empathy, taking care of nature also means taking care of people. They are proud to be a Junior Ranger

A good example of the importance of Junior Ranger programs running in the parks. If you want to establish a JR program in your area please check here or contact