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Ranger Exchange

Are you working as a Ranger and wish to exchange experiences with Rangers from other countries?

One day, one week or maybe more? We can help you to get the right connections for a voluntary based, non-paid exchange between Rangers in Europe or further afield.

Please send your request to Project Officer Maia.

Examples of European Ranger exchanges and visits in the past year include:

  • Swiss Rangers with Northern Ireland Rangers in Northern Ireland
  • Finnish Rangers with German Rangers in Germany
  • Italian Rangers with French Rangers in Italy and with English rangers in UK
  • English Rangers with Swiss Rangers both in England and in Switzerland
  • Israeli Rangers with German Rangers both in Israel and in Germany
  • German Rangers with English Rangers in UK
  • Welsh Rangers with Swiss Rangers in Wales
  • French Ranger with Albanian Ranger in Albania
  • Italian Ranger with Canadian Ranger in Canada
  • Swiss Ranger with Kosovo Rangers in Kosovo
  • Scottish Rangers with Iceland Rangers both in Iceland and Scotland

So – if you are going for holiday in another country then say hello to a Ranger Colleague or grab a coffee with him/her. Also with a short visit you can demonstrate the solidarity of Rangers worldwide. A win-win for both.

If you’ve already done a Ranger Exchange please tell us and send us some pictures to be used for the website to encourage others to do the same.

Send an e-mail to Project Officer: